Thursday, September 27, 2012

Campbell Creek Science Center (Moose Trail)

 Eight parents set out with their children on an epic hike filled with mountain climbing, cliff jumping and chickadee petting.  Our intended trail was closed due to a downed power line, so we walked along the Moose Trail (thankfully moose free today). 

 We met at the first parking lot off of Elmore and  hiked just over a mile to the Science Center and then the mile back.  Some children walked the entire way, some children hitched a ride on their mothers' backs and other kiddos alternated between running and sitting in the stroller. 
 The group of boys had great fun climbing these mountains and jumping down into the soft moss.  It was heartwarming to see them help each other up with prompting.
 The adults got to have some chatting time as the kids did their cliff jumping.
 The air was a bit cool, but felt nice as the kids kept up a fast clip.  The snow is creeping down the mountains! 
 One of the children's father was doing research on Chickadees and the kids all got to pet the tiny bird!  This is just another reason why Alaska is such an amazing place to live.  You are walking on a trail and a researcher pulls a bird out of his coat and lets you pet it!
Everyone was a bit tired on the way back, but so happy.  I hope you join us for yet another adventure next week! 

-Lia Keller

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  1. Sounds AMAZING!!! What a great day and the bird petting is such a bonus!