Thursday, September 6, 2012

McHugh Creek-- Turnagain Arm Trail

With some of the strange weather patterns we have had of late, it was a certainty that it was going to be windy at McHugh Creek. It did not let us down.

The rain stayed away, but dark clouds loomed and the wind was so strong that the trees were almost sideways. Regardless, three families trekked on the trail toward Potter Marsh.

The hikers were quite happy with this rock wall by the parking lot pr and post-hike.

The trail by the river contained very high brush, even more than usual. After traipsing through, the boys (all boys and one girl) found an upturned tree to sit near for a snack.

As the wind picked up more and the clouds got darker, we all decided to head back to the cars.

We took the quicker route toward the upper parking lot and walked down the road.

Some little ones quickly jumped in cars while others frolicked in the wind and hill climbing.

Join us next week. With Fall and winter coming, the hikes will be a different kind of adventure.

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