Thursday, September 6, 2012

Symphony/Eagle Lake Trail

With wind storms of 90mph+ over the last day and many families with progressive states of power outage, it was definitely an interesting morning for a hike. The 70% chance of rain was thankfully incorrect, and 5 families (including 3 new, Welcome!) set out to hike.

Unfortunately for me, my little guy decided to turn back after .2 miles. We rolled with the punches there, but the rest of the group (thankfully!) continued on.

If you have not done this hike prior, it is AMAZING. While it is ~6 miles to both Symphony and Eagle Lakes, it is a great overnight hike with  kids. Other than a boulder field crossing, most of the hike is very doable. There are plenty of camping spots (rustic, tent) near the lakes. On a clear summer evening, it is pure joy.
Hike transitions from a 'boardwalk' to a trail that climbs the hillside.
If you get far enough in (3 miles or so), you get to cross a stream an over toward the bolder field. After crossing that through the valley, you are rewarded with some gorgeous views and lakes! 

Crossing a footbridge to get to the boulder field (2008)

By Symphony Lake (2008)

 We all noticed a light to moderate dusting of "termination" dust on the mountains. We could not help but notice the slow creeping in of fall colors. I do believe Fall is upon us!

If you have a clear day, please check this hike out! Even if you do not make it the full way, it is a truly beautiful journey.

Directions: From Glen Highway, take the Eagle River Loop Exit. Head right, then take a right at the intersection onto Hiland Rd. Follow the road for several miles (~7 miles) until it winds into Hiland Valley. Look for the South Creek Rd on your right (after the gorge-- there will be signs to the Chugach Park trailhead). Turn right onto South Creek Rd, then take another right (2nd right) onto West River Drive. The trail head will be on your left.

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