Thursday, December 6, 2012

South Bivouac Trail

It was warmer today!  At least it was only in the single digits below zero.  Two other hardy (or stir crazy) families joined us in this icy wonderland. You have to go out and see the ice crystals.  Another mother described them perfectly as looking like rock candy.
 A short walk from the South Bivouac trailhead is a great hill for sledding (just use good judgement and steering).  Just a bit further is a little bridge crossing over Campbell Creek.  It is frozen and gorgeous.  If you need to take a Christmas picture, this location would be perfect right now.

 My crew lasted about 45 minutes.  When it is this cold, I don't even care about distance.  I just need some fresh air.  I have never been on this part of the Far North Bicentennial Park trail system.  You can see the Hiltop Ski Area jumping structure and it doesn't look that long to get to Abbott Loop Community Center.  These trails often close in the summer due to bear activity, so play and explore now while they are sleeping!

(Post and pictures by Lia Keller)

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