Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ruth Arcand Park trails

It was a balmy 34 degrees, and 10 families were ready to enjoy it this morning at Ruth Arcand Park. Two new families joined us today-- so welcome!

This is one of my favorite places to hike in the winter--- multi use trails (they are equestrian trails for the most part), a large field and a playground. What more can you ask for?

Given the new 12 inches of snow yesterday, hiking was quite a workout. Many opted to pull littles in sleds or carry on backs. Few, if any, kiddos actually volunteered to hike on this one. Not always a bad thing...

We snaked through the snow-covered trees and turned right at the fork in the trails. This afforded us some good up and downhill grades for all to enjoy. After a bit, many decided to yield to the cries of "play on the playground!" and headed back to do just that.

If you have not been here before, it is a great 'in town' hike that is not usually crowded. Take Abbott road east, and turn into the Ruth Arcand Park road (there are signs) on your right (it is within sight of Elmore Rd). Continue down the road for less than .5 miles and there is a parking lot on your right. The trails start at the to the left of the lot.

Come and enjoy some wonderful winter hiking with us next week!

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