Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cheney Lake

It was a "warm" hike with temps hovering right above freezing. Our theme this week was birding. We saw, ravens, nuthatches, magpies, chicadees and we had reports from some parents toward the back of the pack that heard a woodpecker! When we arrived home we checked our Alaskan Bird Guide to find the birds we had seen.

There were about 15 parents with about 30 kids.
Cheney Lake is on the east side of town off of Baxter Road. Lia had suggested this trail to me years ago. I had driven by it in the summer with all the foliage and didn't think it would be too short a hike, but it turns our to be the perfect loop for hiking with preschoolers. It is also a great place to ice fish in town, as well as skate. The muni regularly plows and hot mops a rink and track on the ice.

The kids chose to play on the mound of snow left from plowing the parking lot over the playground at the end of the Trek. One parent commented after that he was thankful for one of the older boys helping his younger guy up the hill and modeling how to look out for others!

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