Thursday, February 7, 2013

Westchester Lagoon - Chester Creek Trail

We started out to day at Westchester Lagoon and chose to head East toward the mountains on the Campbell Creek Trail, instead of hitting the Coastal Trail. Going in this direction provided trees and a nice windbreak. The Coast Trail this time of year can be pretty cold when you aren't in the trees, as it is a low lying area right on the Cook Inlet. The frigid air settles out there at the bottom of the Anchorage Bowl.

There were a lot of parents and kiddos hitting the trail. About 15 parents with about 30 kids. This seems to be the norm these days.

The theme for the hike to day was noticing signs of the season. We discussed along the trail what clues told us we were in the middle of winter: the lagoon was frozen, trees had no leaves, there was snow... We thought it funny that there were life jackets (PFDs) hanging on the sign, as they are not a sign of this season!

There were a couple of first timers, which is always great to see. My oldest found another boy, who just happened to be one day younger than him. It is funny to see that at almost 4 years old, the months still make a difference. They were perfectly matched in their energy, interests and communication.

Our family returned home for our post hike tradition of what we call "Liquid Smores" - graham crackers dunked in hot cocoa with marshmallows. Even my littlest man partook in the routine with enjoying his first graham cracker ever.

Apart from the snow covering these PFDs these are decidedly not signs of the season!

Cargo sleds are starting to become the vehicle of choice on Treks these days. Their high sides are great for containing kids and gear!

The Chester Creek Trail has many tunnels that allow pedestrians to never have to cross a road! They are also fun for echoes!
Playing at the playground after the Trek is always a good way to ensure a nap!

 My boys enjoying the post hike tradition of liquid smores!

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