Friday, January 4, 2013

Chester Creek Trail from Tikishla Park

It was so good to see so many familiar faces this morning, and wonderful to meet new ones too! One little munchkin was 6 weeks old. How wonderful is it that her mama is starting her off with an active life style already?! It was also funny to see how many families have grown in the last year! 

Our Trek had us heading toward downtown on the Chester Creek Trail, part of the extensive paved multi-use trail system in Anchorage. We embarked from Tikishla Park off E. 20th with 7 moms, 1 grandma, 1 dad and 13 kids. I love starting from here, as I don't have to drive. It is right in our hood. The trail was perfect conditions for our use: packed, but not icy as was anticipated from the recent thawing and refreezing. It was not good for skiing but sublime for pulling sleds and pushing strollers. I was surprised that my almost 4 year old spent a good chunk of time time in the Chariot, allowing me to be at the front of the pack today. Usually we are bringing up the rear. We stopped at the park just after the underpass tunnel and the duck pond to play. This was our turn around point. If you were on the trek and didn't make it that far, don't be discouraged. It really all depends on the day. There are some days we make it about 20 yards before one of my 2 kids lets me know they just aren't feeling it, or we just misjudged the conditions and realize we brought the wrong gear. For me anyways, just getting out of the house and making the attempt is the goal. 

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