Thursday, January 10, 2013

South Bivouac Trail

Today's Trek took us on the South Bivouac Trail, part of the Bicentennial Park. Take Tudor to Campbell Airstrip Rd. which turns into Basher Dr. The trailhead is well marked by the above sign on your right. There's lots of parking. This area of trails is one I personally avoid during the summer, as it is known bear territory. The trail conditions were better than expected. This is a undulating terrain with some rather steep sections, or at least they seem that way when its icy or your pulling a sled full of kids! Ice grippers were very helpful. We could certainly use some more snow to spruce things up a bit though!

6 moms, 1 dad and 11 kiddos rounded out our group today. There are lots of new babies in the Anchorage Outdoor Family Network these days with a whole bunch more on the way! This new AOFN family took their little 6 week old out for their first Trek. We look forward to seeing them more in the future!

There are a lot of trails options in this area. We stuck on the South Bivouac trail, but you can hit Rover's Run and Spencer Loop from here, link up with the Hilltop trail system and many others as well.

My oldest took advantage of the comfort of the sled ride to relax a little. We joked that he looked like a mountain rescue volunteer "victim."

Sleds were the predominant vehicle of choice today, though one strong mama pushed her littlest one in a chariot while pulling her oldest in a sled. She must have gotten a good work out!

My oldest has turned into a gear junkie. He's sporting the hydration pack he requested from Santa. He's still a little upset we didn't get him the avalanche beacon he also had hoped for.

We were out for over an hour. Having the start time delayed by the half hour during the winter, makes a huge difference. The sun was just making its way over the ridge line as we were returning to the parking lot.

We hike every Thursday, in most conditions. Look for the location of the next Trek at the Anchorage Outdoor Family Network.

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