Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ruth Arcand Trails


Today's Trek had us going down the Ruth Arcand Trail System off Abbott Loop. These are multi-use trails, that are truly multi-use as they are widely used by horses, as well as humans, as their is an Equestrian Park located here as well. I haven't been there in over a year, and I think the trail system has expanded. I don't remember the lovely trail markers. You can also access these trails from behind Spring Hill Elementary and Hanshew Middle if you happen to live in the Independence Park Area. They are a bit boggy and buggy in the summer months and are known to have to frequent bear users. 

I know I'm going to jinx us when I say - wow what a great run of weather we've had for treks lately! Another "warm" day of temps in the high 20's. Winter hiking doesn't get much better than this. This Trek's theme for discussion was tree identification. Despite the tree's missing one of their most important defining characteristics - their leaves, we were going to try to keep a count of how many different types of trees we found along the trail. There's not a lot of diversity in this particular area. We only counted 3 species based on our intermittent observations.

After the Trek we stopped and let the kids play at the playground. There was a great little parking lot of sleds at the park. There were about 16 parents and about 35 kids, half about preschool age and the other half young enough to be worn/carried in packs. There were quite a few first timers, many veterans and a few in between. One mama pulled a fantastic homemade kick sled!

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