Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Hike that Wasn't

When I went to put my pup out this morning it was snowing like crazy. I couldn't see the mountains from my house. Always my barometer for how driving conditions and visibility are going to be. If it were an intown hike, I wouldn't have batted an eye, but since this one is a bit of a drive for many of us I panicked and cancelled. By the time I had posted and emailed about the cancelled hike, the snow squall had subsided and the skies opened. I decided to pack up my boys anyways and head out the the trail, one of my all time favorites to make sure someone was there if others hadn't logged on to their computers and still gone.

Fortunately, a great friend hadn't received the message and we had the trail all to ourselves. Though I was sad others didn't get to experience this exceptional trail on this glorious morning, I was kind of glad too. We had time to catch up. We took our time. A big baldy eagle presided over the lake high up in an old birch. 

When we first arrived I didn't think we would last long. We had left the heavy winter coat for my oldest at home. By chance we had an extra fleece to layer his other fleece with and when the sun broke over the mountain, its rays imparted warmth.

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