Thursday, May 30, 2013

Picture Perfect Day at Eklutna Lake

It just doesn't get any better than today's Trek. I don't even know how to choose the pictures... so if they weren't blurry they are being downloaded!

We headed north of town and took the trail around Eklutna Lake. The temps were in the high 60's but to us Alaskans, who saw snow stick to the ground less than 2 weeks ago... it seemed a LOT warmer!

Over 35 parents and 60 or more kiddos joined us today to bask in the sun and enjoy the stunning beauty of this valley. Some faster moving families made it much further down the trail than ours did. Throwing rocks into the glacier blue water was the agenda for the day. Everyone seemed perfectly content letting the kids dictate the pace, and just soaking up the vitamin D while we can.

Most of the trail is dry though we did have to brave one sloppy spot. Some chose to "portage" around it. I found if you kept moving through it and didn't stop, it wasn't that bad.

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