Thursday, June 6, 2013

Coastal Trail from Westchester

We were supposed to do Bird to Gird today, but it was closed off due to work on some water damage. Instead I swapped it out for an easy favorite - the Coastal Trail from Westchester Lagoon! What a busy place it is on a gorgeous summer morning. I had to keep reminding my son to follow the rules of the road and stay to the right because of all the foot and bike traffic.

Next Thursday is the last TT Hike as my family and I are moving to Juneau for the next 3 years. We'll be taking the Taiga Trekkers all time favorite trail around Beach Lake. To get there take Beach Lake Rd. all the way down to the lake and the lodge (not the ski chalet near the high school). This is not a stroller friendly hike... we've tried. It is a picturesque place so bring sure to bring the camera and a lunch. Hopefully the weather cooperates!

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